New Album: Classic Hymns, Volume 2


Classic Hymns Volume 2 Cover

Classic Hymns, Volume 2 is a keyboard album follow up to Classic Hymns, Volume 1 which was released almost two years ago. This new album maintains the simplicity of the first recording but emphasizes more emotion and harmonic aspects the music.

Here is a sample: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

My long and winding musical journey has taken me through many styles and modes of performing and recording. I keep coming back to very basic material in which I find great comfort (kind of like a good bowl of vegetable soup). I hope you enjoy the music.

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Educator Appreciation

Educator appreciation at Barnes and Noble.
Educator appreciation at Barnes and Noble.

This week, January 7-15 is Educator Appreciation Week at Barnes and Noble in Willow Grove, PA. It is possible to get fairly good deals on books and other items at Barnes and Noble with a _free_ educator membership. The membership works throughout the year. This week there are additional savings and events for K-12 educators.

This is at the store nearest to my school. I have seen this at other stores in the past (not sure if it happens at the same time at every store). Check your local store.